Feature Highlights

Multi Customer

Xtreme WMS is designed to be a multi-customer software. Any inventory item or inventory transaction in Xtreme WMS has to associate with a specific party, it can be a customer or supplier.

Support Multi warehouses

Xtreme WMS supports multiple warehouses entity in a single database. Any transaction within the software has to tag along with a warehouse code (Warehouse ID). This feature gives you the ability to consolidate inventories of multiple warehouses in one glance.
productive UX design

Productive UX Design

Because we believe great User Interface Design matters a lot to Productivity.
Over the years, we have been hearing outcry of users in the industry that bad design of software drove them crazy or resulting massive over time cost to the company. Hence, we put lots of effort making our users productive and yet controls are not sacrificed.

supporting multiple UOM for single item

Multiple Unit of Measurement (UOM)

You can create as many UOM as you need for a single Item (a Product or a SKU). Most of the time, product comes with more than one form factor for different reasons, for example, it can be in carton, outer and pieces. Xtreme WMS allows you to track movement of each of them.

Picking Algorithm

You get to decide the order picking algorithm, whether it is FIFO, FEFO (First Expire First Out), LIFO, LEFO (Last Expire First Out), you can have complete control.

pallet oriented management

Pallet-Oriented Management

If your warehouse uses pallet for storage, we believe by assigning an unique ID to a pallet is useful methodology for warehouse management. Xtreme WMS helps you to generate a unique ID to be affixed onto a pallet, with such, warehouse staff can then pinpoint a particular pallet during put-away, picking or any pallet movement.

With such, it helps a lot in traceability of product and tracebility is something crucial for food and medical products.

Customizable Business Document

For some reasons, you may want to print different formats of business document (i.e. Delivery Order) by customer. This especially useful for certain third party warehouse where they make deliveries on their customer behalf.

Security & Access Traceability

As a multi-user software, Xtreme WMS comes with user security control and security role management. Most importantly, it helps the system owner to track and trace actions of any user to any of the transaction and configuration. A mistake in data entry or sabotage can potentially cost lots of money subject to value of inventory item. Therefore, it is important to hold every user accountable.

Create Your Own Fields

In Xtreme WMS, you are free to create your own field if you find existing fields are not sufficient.

Import and Export Data

A busy warehouse is not just overwhelmed by flow of goods but also data. Import and Export data feature of Xtreme WMS is designed to mitigate data entry errors as well as improve accuracy and efficiency.

Windows + Microsoft SQL Server as Database

Xtreme WMS is Windows based software that runs on .NET framework 3.5 and above. The database engine that we have been working with is Microsoft SQL Server. You can use version of SQL Server as old as SQL Server 2000. Of course, it runs on the latest Microsoft SQL Server which SQL Server 2012.