Xtreme WMS

Xtreme Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is designed meet the most dynamic warehouse environment especially Third-Party Warehouses that running a business which required to fulfill the needs of various different customers.

Xtreme WMS is made to be very user-friendly, feature rich and high performance, yet, we have never stopped enhancing our software to make it better. Do check out our blog, we have been publishing “what’s new” whenever a new version is released.

In Xtreme Software, we emphasize very much on software usability and system performance in our day to day development. We believe as a software that drive the busy warehouse operation, rapid response and user friendliness is one of the keys to get the job done well.

Xtreme WMS is shipped with four main modules which are Inbound, Outbound, Warehouse Operation and Report / Enquiry.

Advance Shipping Note (ASN)Data preparation prior product arriving warehouse.
ReceiveConfirm actual product information and quantity. Inventory level increase from this point.
OrderCapturing sales order and deliveries.
PickingPick according to sales order.
IssueStock Issue from warehouse. Inventory level depleted from this point.
Warehouse Operation
TransferProduct location transfer or product status change.
Pick Face ReplenishmentReplenish stock into Pick Face before picking operation starts. This process is useful for distribution type of operation.
Ownership TransferChange ownership of inventory in the warehouse.
Stock TakeAssist warehouse to conduct stock take by user-definable areas.
Cycle CountFacilitate cycle counting.
Reporting and Enquiry
Xtreme Auto ReportSchedule reports to send out to any party via email.
Customized ReportFlexible and customizable reporting.
User Defined EnquiryCreate your own enquiry screens with SQL language.
Inventory EnquiryProviding insights of inventory.
Request of TransportCapture transportation request by customer.
ShipmentTrack truck load that carries multiple delivery drop points
Load PlanningPlan capacity of truck use by the size and weight of customer sales orders
ConsignmentTrack delivery status of consignment similar to courier service.