Xtreme Software Sdn Bhd is a software engineering company with industry-specific expertise in end-to-end solutions for warehousing and logistics industry.

In the year 2003, Xtreme was a project code and also a project entity. The project was to create a Warehouse Management Software for Malaysia’s leading cold chain logistics company, IGLO (with warehouse presence in Malaysia, Manila, Shanghai and Guangzhou).

about us

Over the years, with in-depth knowledge and experiences in the logistics operations, it has undergone an evolution from a pure R&D entity, to a software engineering company that providing end-to-end solutions for warehousing and logistics sectors.

Today, Xtreme Software Sdn Bhd has developed Xtreme WMS, a high-quality and yet affordable warehouse management system that offers comprehensiveness, flexibility and rich functionality in one box.

As an agile and yet professional software engineering company, Xtreme emphasizes the software performance and promote the agility in software programming.

Headquartered in Malaysia, Xtreme has been providing consulting, designing and applications implementation in logistics solutions for numerous warehouse operators in China, Philippines and Malaysia.

Xtreme is aware that every logistics operation has its uniqueness; therefore, Xtreme is offering a certain level of software customization in order to help its clients achieve optimal efficiency in logistics operation.