Why Us?

why us

Our Experiences

In the past 10 years, we have successfully helped our clients, not just keeping their inventory in order, but also working hand-in-hand to accomplish various mission critical projects.

Some achievements that we are proud to share.

  • Distribution Operation – Back in year 2005, we helped a client who was running a 24-hour Distribution Center that responsible for the entire distribution network of an international renowned brand in the Philippines.
    Xtreme WMS processed more than 1200 sales orders a day in a warehouse that manned by 80 workers, more than 1000 of SKUs and distributing to close to a thousand outlets per day.
  • Real-time Pallet Location Tracking – We have successfully built a real-time pallet location tracking system and deployed in back in year 2012. The system has been running ever since and recorded more than 40 thousands pallet movements/month in a warehouse.
    Accuracy of pallet location after implementation has never fall below 99%. Most importantly, responsibility of location accuracy has since passed onto forklift drivers and company can possibly implement KPI rewarding scheme for warehouse worker based on quantitative result.
  • Cross Dock operation – Back in year 2009, we helped a client to run full cross dock operation. Every day, products from tens to hundreds of suppliers sent to our client’s Distribution Center.
    Xtreme WMS processed hundreds of Purchase Orders a day and distributed to tens of hypermarket outlets within a 12-hour window time.
  • Full – scale system-to-system integration – Over the times, we had built software interfaces that talks to various software applications range from simple business application to large enterprise application, namely SAP, Oracle, BPCS and etc.
    Imagine Sales Orders from ERP “flows” into Xtreme WMS seamlessly, upon completion of picking, Xtreme WMS triggers invoice printing from the ERP and prints out from a printer in the Distribution Center for delivery.
    Inventory level of both systems can be easily reconciled every day and tallied 100%.

Industry know-how

For more than a decade, we did not just install our software to warehouses, we are passionate to build the best strategy with warehouse operators to overcome the various logistical challenges.

We often sat down and brainstorm with our clients to create the best strategy for their daily processes, such as increasing Throughput of Picking, Accuracy of Delivery, Warehouse Space Optimization and etc.

Information Distribution & Exception Management

Information distribution has become so easy and effortless with Xtreme AutoReport. With Xtreme AutoReport, you have the ability to schedule any report to be sent to anybody who has email address at any given time. Stakeholders of the inventories will be well informed and focus on the core business.

We have also been working with our clients to configure the system to send out alert email upon occurrence of rare incidents.

The data flow of a warehouse is as goods as physical item flow. Most of the time, we are overwhelmed by large volume data and unable to spot an issue in the ocean of data. Xtreme AutoReport services can be used as an Exception Management Tool to notify a manager when something not right is detected.

A good example to be cited would be, we have been alerting a procurement manager when physical goods receive quantity has a difference for more than 0.5% compared to Purchase Order. With such, the manager on the job doesn’t really need to check a specific report in daily basis as she will be notified for attention if such scenario happens.