Xtreme Order module is where an Order of deliveries is entered. A user can then make stock allocation, plan delivery by route, by size of orders, expected delivery date, customer type and so on.


In Xtreme WMS, we consider Picking as a transfer process which warehouse operator will be given an instruction to pick product from point A and put into point B accordingly.
Picking process can be effectively configured to pick by various algorithm subject to warehouse setting, item category, delivery destination and etc.


Similarly to Receive, Issue module facilitates the process of issuing goods from a warehouse. Xtreme WMS is built with strong tracing capability, user will be able to trace When and Where a particular item with specific Serial number or Batch number (or Lot number) has been delivered.

The delivery of product is often considered successful if the delivery person has secured a Proof of Delivery or POD.

Xtreme Issue module is complete with a Proof of Delivery function to manage the POD of every single delivery.