Warehouse Operation

warehouse transfer


Transfer module enables one to track physical location transfer such as bin transfer and warehouse transfer. Besides, a user can make use of our transfer wizard to make logical attribute changes such as changing of lot number, serial number, item variant, production and expiry date, pallet number and item status.

Ownership Transfer

As a system that designed to work in third party warehousing environment, Xtreme WMS is equipped with a function that enable a user to change the ownership of a product from one party to another.

Pick Face Replenishment

A Pick Face is a pallet slot which specifically assigned for fast movement picking. Pick Face is usually located at the ground level which is reachable by Order Pickers without any material handling equipment (MHE) such as forklift.

In order to ensure Pick Face is always filled with stock as it needed, a regular replenishment process is recommended.

Xtreme Pick Face Replenishment is designed to help the warehouse operator to select right product and replenish into a pick face accordingly.

Cycle Count

Cycle counting is proven to be a very effective methodology to ensure inventory accuracy. Cycle Count module facilitates daily Cycle Counting process.